WELCOME TO THE VISUAL INTERVIEW, where artists either create or find images in order to provide thoughtful answers to complex questions.


EMMA ZURER is a Brooklyn-bred artist, performer, and educator who promotes the acceptance of clowns and the legacy of Klaus Nomi. Her collages have been exhibited in New York at the SculptureCenter and CULTUREfix Gallery. Emma has performed with the artist collective Cheryl in nightclubs around New York, including the Museum of Modern Art. She recently joined the engagement team at Abrons Arts Center, where she also teaches movement and art classes for children. You can view more of Emma’s collage work at emmazurer.com.

Tell me about your childhood…

What parts of the girl you were

are still a part of

the woman you are today 

& how do you feel

about those parts?

Artists are keen observers by nature. What did you see this week, what did you hear, and what did you learn? How did your location affect your perspective?

Using metaphor, describe how the Internet has affected society’s approach to creativity.

What role, if any, does fear play in your adult life?

What is one thing you’ve never found the words to express?