WELCOME TO THE VISUAL INTERVIEW, where artists either create or find images to provide thoughtful answers to complex questions.


YIANNIS MOURAVAS is an artist, carpenter, and performer who just moved from Athens, Greece, to join Sandberg Instituut’s Dirty Art Department in Amsterdam, Holland. Having been in a long relationship with parody, he is a web-traveler concerned with the imagery one faces when stranding between the great tides of deep-web and the swallow-shores of selfies and duckfaces. Mouravas is the co-founder of the French-ship called Assembly Hall. He is also the high point of the mountain called Arbit City Group. Check out more of his work at xontros.tumblr.com.

Alban Karsten


What is something you searched for as a child, yet never found, and how did that impact your view of the world?

How does consumption affect your artistic output?

↑  ↑  ↑  How does a pencil differ from a pen?   ↓  ↓  ↓

←  Describe the process of moral development within Internet culture. What role do artists play in this?

↓          ↓

↓          ↓

Describe the process and experience of inarticulation.