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ZANZIBAR DIOR is a Brooklyn-based life-artist, educator, and organizer who is fascinated by religion, group dynamics, and imagination. His multifaceted practice includes interactive performance, map making, sound experimentation, and more. He is Director of Public Engagement for Odyssey Works, Founder of the Bilha Zilpah Reunion community, and Curator of the Zanzibar Dior Sleepover Artist Collective. Find out more at arielabrahams.com.

What is the origin of your name? 

Describe your first experience with money (when you understood what money is). Or the first experience that you can remember.

Let’s talk about the concept of time and its impact on our understanding of life. Do you believe there is a definitive difference between the past, present, and future? AND/OR How would you describe the relevance/irrelevance of these concepts in society?

Describe a time when you didn’t recognize yourself and why / a time when you felt foreign to yourself.

Imagine that your sensory input is reduced to only one sense and that you are able to select which sense you retain. What would you choose? Describe how you would perceive the world if, for example, you could only smell.

Bonus Question:

There is currently (literally) a lion on the loose in Milwaukee. Devise its escape plan.